05 Dec 2017

A new look to your interiors at the onset of a different season; the best way is to change the winter decor ideas. Winter is a season which tends to take away a lot of colors from nature. There is less of sunlight, more grey sky, fewer leaves on trees & even lesser flowers. So winter is all about adding warmth & colors to your winter decor so that your home can still spirit. Winter decor ideas & DIY help you without digging on your penny.

Brighten Up the Winter Decor Ideas (2)

The mantra for winter is to ‘go colorful ‘. The warm side of color wheel is your ideal choice, colors like orange, yellow, red & gold give an instant feeling of warmth & coziness. These colors added to soft furnishings, walls, ceiling, rugs, and accessories.

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Brighten Up the Winter Decor Ideas (6)

Accessories add a personal touch that gives your house its character & turns it into a home. Accessories also allow us to the opportunity to have fun with new ideas & creativity and to add variety. Some home accessories that you can put to use to maximize the beauty.

Winter Decor Candle Holders 

Adding a few candles along with some natural elements into your table escape will be a perfect accent to your holiday gatherings.

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Wall Interior Decor

Change the artwork displayed with deep warm color to add a zing to your room.

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Winter Decor : Soft furnishing – Cushions,Rugs & Curtains

As it is the easiest change that reflects in the whole home with a little expense. It is the easiest way to enjoy seasonal changes & save money without sacrificing on style. You can include cushions, soft seating, throws, curtains, rugs, carpets, towels & blankets to soft furnishing. In winters it is advisable to double layer your window covering.  Rugs & carpets not only feel good and warm under your feet but also add a rich ambiance.

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Showpieces, Vases Pots, and Photo Frames

These knick-knacks can add a zing to your home by complementing your main decor.Brighten Up the Winter Decor Ideas (9)

Planters and Flowers

Greenery in any form is always an ‘eye tonic’. Fresh cut flowers or potted plants add a hint of springtime in the room and does wonders on the soul on home.

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Winter Decor: Fragrance

You can add fragrance with scented candles, fresh flowers, aroma oil burners or dispensers. Every fragrance has its effect on the mood of an individual. It is advisable to layer up the fragrance of your home by choosing the candles, oil burners and room fresheners of the same fragrance and using them together. Cinnamon and lemongrass both are wonderful aromas to use in winters.

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Winter Decor Ideas: Fireplace

An original fireplace is a task, there are a lot of companies which offer ready to use fireplace that are low on smoke emission as well. A great idea to sit near a real fireplace in a cozy chair and read a book.

Ultimately it is your home and the decor should reflect the ambiance style and mood you want to create for each room. The key is to avoid compromising the functionality to blend with the decor.