02 Jan 2018
What Is The Latest Trend In Garden Decor 11

How has the concept of garden decor revived over the years?

From large space lawns and big trees, the concept of the garden decor has changed to balcony gardens, terrace garden, gardens in front-back yards. With reducing space the area is limited and has to be thought of properly.

23 Dec 2017
How To Involve Your Kids In Garden (8)

The young age is all about learning. Learning in a play way method and learning by experiencing are unforgettable imprints on the memory. Gardening is one such activity that can develop a lot of new skills in a child while having fun and play. Children love digging in the soil, getting dirty, creating things and watching plants grow. There are many qualities that can be taught to a child while gardening.

20 Dec 2017

Apart from the design aesthetic, what are the other benefits of having a rock garden in your home?

Rock garden at your home can serve many purposes. You can use it for holding get together or keep your pet’s home there or find tranquility, calm, peace and serenity for yourself. You can join these elements into your garden with your designing talent and enough space available for it. Other elements like water features, lighting, seating, music, can do included according to your choice. It is easier to take care of a rock garden than a traditional garden since rocks don’t require much of maintenance and there is lesser number of plants and less weeding to be made. Rocks will also help in preventing soil erosion.

30 Nov 2017
Hallway Decor Interior Ideas (4)

What exactly is a Hallway Decor? Hallway or corridor is an interesting interconnecting passage to various rooms in a home. It talks a lot about family staying in. According to survey it occupies 8% of the covered area in a home. Normally dark, long, unutilized; it is an uninteresting space of the home. An instead […]

23 Nov 2017
Garden Furniture Ideas

While many of us invest in garden furniture for those summer months, weather-proofing it is essential all year long. Waterproof Garden Furniture Ideas The easiest way to weather-proof your garden furniture ideas is to buy pieces which are naturally waterproof and don’t weather easily. One of the best materials is poly or resin rattan, made […]