23 Mar 2018

The double height structure is highlight using stone. The stone used here is Perlatto beige. It has cut into rhombus of equal divisions. All four sides have been beveled to form a ‘V’ groove joined to form a linear design. The floral patterns are all handmade and have a depression in them to give an effect of the third dimension and something protruding out. The flowers are place on the rhombus sides.

20 Mar 2018

The French quilting on the backdrop of the bed is highlight by using copper leafing in antique finish. Antique copper had been till now is used for various other products but this is an introduction to the product on the wall. Many interesting designs will create using champagne, gold or silver leafing on the walls as well.

21 Feb 2018

When you think neutral color scheme you think of brown and beige or grey or white. How about taking the risk and grafting the two schemes together. The bedroom with forest tone background. An experimenting dash of grey inside tables and bed sheets offer a flexible yet toned down interiors. The painting adds a dash of colors.

10 Feb 2018
Rustic Interior Design (2)

When a home owner determines or decides to change the interiors of his home, there are many styles or designs to choose from. From contemporary to neo-modern, classical, retro and the hip in rustic. A Rustic style quite popular today for appreciate the people who design the handmade products accessories and priceless traces of time. Rustic designs somehow creates a unique and distinct atmosphere and ambiance within the house. This house has a blend of rustic and countryside style design.

09 Feb 2018

Wardrobes has long history from the time of kings & queens, to the time of astronauts. Now, everybody needs their personal storage because we buy more clothes & stuff. In the medieval times a part of a bedroom suite, the wardrobe now become an integral part of architecture & often called closets. Be it free standing or fitted, wardrobe offer more assembled storage than any other furniture piece. The best part is that you can tailor the internals of wardrobes using combinations of shelves, racks, baskets, and accessories.