Every person aspires that their fantasy room should be like an overwhelming dream. Girls want their room to define while boys desire it to be masculine. The room should reflect who you are, what you admire; in total a reflection of your personality.

To start with the designing you need to layout your room to square with dimension. Write down your requirement and fit them into the layout with alignments & placements. Now put your dreams in black & white and start by visualizing how you will achieve your goal of a dreamland room.

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An Interior Designer can be of great assistance to put your dreams into reality. Before you dig a nail into the wall, everything about the room should be clear. That means you should almost see, feel & smell your wonderful room in your dreams & also have a budget laid down. Your room should be ultimately an escape from the troubles of everyday life, a place to release and be your own.

Interior Design : Bed Decor

The bedroom revolves around your bed. King size or queen size, feminine or masculine, minimalist or traditional, bunk bed or added crib The choice of size of bed primarily depends on the size of the room. Other bedroom furniture like wardrobe, chest of drawers, plasma unit, bedside tables, vanity tables, foot couch or coffee chairs will make the picture complete & with customization to design, it can make your room unique.

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Lighting plays an essential role in deciding the ambiance of the room. Mood lighting, task lighting, spotlighting & general, there are plenty of options available in various budget ranges. Lighting can make or break any room. The right placements and use, the right selection and color coordination can create a great looking room.

Mirrors Design

Mirror can create an illusion of space and thereby transform any room with interior designer. Dressing mirrors, wall paneling in mirrors, wardrobe shutters, wall mirrors, mirrors above console; there are plenty of areas to play with mirrors. The application will ultimately depend on your taste.

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Newly Weds Bedroom Interior Design

Interior Designer Window Furnishings Ideas

To complement to your room decor with interior designer, the best way is window furnishing. To pick your window furnishing until you have a plain simple room and want to create a sharp contrast with the help of window furnishings. The  curtain, blinds, wooden blinds, honeycomb blinds, there is variety to choose from. The print, texture, material, embroidery, color are in numerous, making the sky the limit.

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Sitting Area Design Ideas

The choice of seating can vary with the use it is to be put at, a relaxer can act as a relaxing nook while two coffee chairs can be a place to sit.It can act like a tea table a beam beg can add character, to a teenage room while rocking chair is apt for a mature room. A foot couch can have multiple purposes like apart from sitting.

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Accessories in my own Room Decor

Rugs, carpets, painting, W/P, collectibles, flower pots the list is exorbitant. It is all about making it your own room where you are happy & relaxed.

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