23 Nov 2017
Office Interior Design

The office interior where those who are working spend the major awake time of their lifetime. The work environment affects the output as well as the creativity of employee working. A good office interior design ideally should incorporate all below-mentioned tips.

Office Interior

Since commercial spaces are expensive, efficient use of an area or interior planning takes the lead. Besides smooth commuting, the official plan should allocate optimum space for each workstation. Lighting determines the attention time of an employee and is directly proportional to his/ her output. For a stream of natural light with least possible dark interior or shadowed spaces is essential for a good work atmosphere.

Office Interior Design

Ventilation and air-conditioning are other factors determining the comfort. Excellent air circulation and temperature regulation are important to make workplace comfortable.

It is important to provide clean, hygienic washrooms to an office interior. Ideally, his & hers should be separate if the space permits.Basics of distilled water, tea- coffee vending machine and a well-ventilated pantry, makes life easier. An office interior design should be inviting and stimulating. Rather than dull grey and blacks, it is recommended to pep up your office using a refreshing color.

Office washroom Interior Design

The color has a huge impact on the psychology of any human being. Therefore I would advice using fresh mint, aqua colors as they are stimulating and happy colors. It is important to have” place for everything and everything in place.” This is possible if you provide a well-planned storage space which is organized and clutter free.

Color Office Interior Design

It is important to buy or make an ergonomically correct table and chairs as this are where people have to sit for a minimum of eight hours. Checklist your requirements- UPS, server, EPABX, LAN, Wi-Fi, intercom, extra switch sockets, call bell, audio system, automation or any other. Then get professional help to do it.

office lounge interior

Make space for employees to sit together for lunch hours, this helps interaction in office and also helps the employee to relax.I would advise that you always allocate a space for everybody. It is comfortable for the employees to sit on their own table rather than rotating around. The feeling of interior makes the office more welcoming.

Office lunch room Interior Design

Keeping a check on pest control by professional services is a must to make an office comfortable. Fire safety planning and fire-fighting equipment are an essential to any office interior.