Psychological Effects Of Blue Color In Interior Design
1. What does blue represent to you as a color? How can it change a room’s mood and what effect does it add to it?
“No water, no life, no blue, no green.” Blue is the color of ocean, sky, and twilight.
As the quote suggests, it is the color of nature depicting the flow of energy. The blue on brighter shades represents serenity, youth, and spirituality. While the dull blue colors bring sadness and loneliness. Blue can strike various cords of youth. Turquoise is a symbol of youth and growth. Aqua transports one into a dreamland of high ideas. Dark blue gets sophistication if use in less quantity while loneliness. Navy blue represents authority while baby blue represents naughtiness. Blue reflects a lot of light and has an effect of cooling down a person immediately. Blue is generally used in combination of light grey or white, as an overdose of blue will make the house boring.

2. Have you ever used blue for any home interior design project?

The vintage decor in neutral colors has a spark of refreshment with the use of aqua color. The aqua color uplifts and recharges the energy of the otherwise quiet room. A touch of blue combine with white, beige and gold is an elegant combination. To keep up the balance, the quantity of blue has to be very limited.

3. When it comes to the furniture and accessories, which are the colors one should look for interior design?

Color choice is affect by nature, technology, mind state & lifestyle. The shade card of color has expanded from nascent over the past decade. The choice of color used in homes is specific to the place, climate, and culture. Cooler shades are prefer in tropical climate & vibrant ones for the city. An exposure of international trends to the next generation do not hesitate to an experiment of new colors combination & textures. The changing interior design sensibilities have led to a whole new spectrum of color.
Nature themes inspired by living in harmony with nature is much in vogue. The personal expression of people to show, ‘they care’ in their own small ways inspired the color companies to develop a whole new spectrum of blue, green, beige & brownHighlighting one wall with a deeper tone like ripe olive, deep water, organic green or sandstone & leaving the other walls neutral has become ‘hip’. The shade inspire by forest reconnects the ‘chaotic’ city room into all things natural. The experimental youth likes to do it ‘their way’. Young interior designers influences from nature among st the own style on the wall like pop art & graffiti. Who wish to see the world in their own ways.

 4. When it comes to blue walls, for which rooms should one select for it?

The blue color denotes responsibility and is masculine and represents knowledge, power, and integrity. It is use quite often in the corporate world. It is recommend for bachelor’s room.