30 Nov 2017
Hallway Decor Interior Ideas (4)

What exactly is a Hallway Decor?

Hallway or corridor is an interesting interconnecting passage to various rooms in a home. It talks a lot about family staying in. According to survey it occupies 8% of the covered area in a home. Normally dark, long, unutilized; it is an uninteresting space of the home. An instead of letting it be a boring walkway; there are many interesting twist that can be done to this area. Hallway decor should be lovingly planned just like any other room; it’s the core of the home, and sets the tone for the rest of your place.

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What are the various options/ways in which we can design a Hallway Decor?

The options to design a hallway decor are unlimited. Besides adding family photographs or hanging few painting there are other magic ideas that one can work around with. Hallway decor can easily house a console with two chairs. To add a character, we can put some candle stands or photo frames on the top of console. It can also be a functional glamour if you add a place to tuck your keys and letters. You can also do a floor arrangement with floating candles in a low height container and a designer mirror on the top. Add lights so that the passage is not dingy at any corner. If the corridor is thin, the best way to decorate is to do it on wall. A simple wall paper or texture paint, with some smart hangings can do the trick.

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What are the do’s and don’ts?

An element of surprise is a must. Add something which is an eye tone not an eye sore. Don’t use your hallway decor as a dumping ground. Do not neglect the decor by saying ‘ It is just a corridor’. Do not do very dim lighting. Consider hallway as a place in which visits are many but fleeting. Make bold statement with long runners, smartly planned lighting effects and wall art. Put the hallway decor to good utility by housing a mirror or your collectible art, memories of travel, shoe rack, key stand or a pot with some planters. Also some interesting wall paneling could be done to put off the boredom and dullness of the passage.

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